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Natural. Delicious. Canadian.

You are my sweet!

Situated amidst New Brunswick's pristine natural scenery, numerous farms, many of which have over a century of history, cultivate, harvest, and process natural products like maple syrup, blueberries, and cranberries. These producers have poured generations' worth of passion and determination into their products, working the land they call home. POLLIPOP combines these high-quality materials with innovative manufacturing techniques to create equally high-quality maple and fruit flavored candies and lollipops without using additives so that more people can experience the delicious flavours so characteristic of Canada.

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'These candies are the best!!' -S Brewer

'I have been sharing my candy and everyone loves it.' -H Brown

'Since I ate your candies, I have never bought any other candies. The juice flavour in your candies is very obvious and has no additives. It tastes very good!' -D Nadeau