How to make maple syrup candy in snow in the maple season?

How to make maple syrup candy in snow in the maple season?

Maple season is here! Using maple syrup to make maple syrup candy on snow in this season is a traditional activity in Canada's maple syrup producing areas. 

Pour the maple syrup into a pot and heat until boiling. Once boiling, the syrup will start to bubble. Continue to boil the syrup until it reaches 235 degrees Fahrenheit. ( This temperature is very high, so be sure to avoid touching the the maple syrup to avoid burns.)

Then, choose enough clean snow and level it. Spoon the boiled syrup and pour it on the snow. After the syrup is set, use wood chips to roll the sugar from the snow.

We also call this maple syrup candy as Taffy, which is a kind of soft maple syrup candy, not hard maple syrup candy. It will have some sticky, because the boiling temperature of this soft maple syrup candy is lower than that of hard maple syrup candy, and the water content in the syrup is higher. 

Therefore, this method of making maple syrup candy in the snow is only suitable for handmade and on-site consumption. Let's make it a traditional event in the maple syrup season and just enjoy it.

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