Who can guarantee Pollipop really uses Canada Grade A maple syrup?

Who can guarantee Pollipop really uses Canada Grade A maple syrup?

Pollipop claims to use Canada Grade A Amber pure maple syrup for the production of products, so who will supervise and guarantee that this is really done? 

Although the Pollipop team does this in good faith and persistence, it still needs third-party supervision and management to provide reliable guarantees to consumers. And this third-party organization is CFIA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

CFIA is a federal agency with branches in various provinces and cities. The objects they supervise include certain industries that must be subject to CFIA supervision under federal law, such as the maple syrup industry, and manufacturers whose products need to be sold across provinces and countries.

The CFIA officer conducts long-term supervision and inspection of Pollipop products in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, including but not limited to labeling, raw materials, production process, packaging, product traceability. 

During regular or irregular inspections of the production site by the Officer, the label of each barrel of maple syrup will be photographed and the qualification of the maple syrup supplier will be monitored. This is to ensure that the maple syrup we use comes from a reliable supplier, and their sales records are consistent with ours, and not falsified. 

The photo is an example of the label on the maple syrup barrel, which clearly indicates the grade of maple syrup.

Once there is a product that does not use the claimed grade of maple syrup to produce, CFIA will prohibit Pollipop from marking "made with Canada Grade A pure maple syrup".

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