Why does't POLLIPOP maple candy has a very strong maple syrup taste?

We have received inquiries from customers: why your maple candy and maple lollipop don’t taste strong maple syrup flavour? It is a good question for customers who do not have idea about maple syrup.

We mentioned in the previous article about the Canadian maple syrup grading rules. There are Canada Grade A and processing grade. Grade A maple syrup is classified according to colour and flavour. There are four types: Golden with delicate taste, Amber with rich taste, Dark with robust taste and very Dark with strong taste. And the processing grade maple syrup is very very dark with very strong taste,  and normally it is used as commercial food industry ingredient and not permitted for retail sale for individual consumer. You can see in terms of taste, the lighter the colour, the lighter the flavour; and in terms of price, the darker the colour, the lower the price.

Therefore, if the manufacturer only considers the flavour of maple syrup, processing grade maple syrup is the most suitable ingredient when producing maple candy and maple lollipop because it’s taste is so strong and it is the cheapest. Of course, manufacturer also needs to consider the low light transmittance of processing grade maple syrup. If all maple syrup of this processing grade is used, the product may not look so transparent and beautiful, especially for maple candy and maple lollipop. So it may be a good choice to mix different grades of maple syrup to produce maple candy or maple lollipop.

But POLLIPOP insist on using Canada Grade A Amber pure maple syrup instead of mixed grades, so the taste of our maple candy and maple lollipop is not so strong.