Why Pollipop insists on using Canada Grade A Amber maple syrup?

So far, Pollipop brand products are one of the few products on the market that indicate 'made with Canada Grade A pure maple syrup'.Some people may think this is nothing remarkable, but there will really be a quality difference. 

In 2019, Canada issued new maple syrup grading rules.The difference between the old and new rules can be seen very intuitively from the picture below.

The maple syrup circled with the red circle is the maple syrup used by Pollipop, which is the best that can make the flavour and colour of maple syrup into hard candy.

Under the old rules, Grade C maple syrup, which could only be used as a raw material for manufacturing, was renamed Processing Grade.The price difference between Processing Grade maple syrup and Grade A Amber maple syrup per barrel may reach 5 - 8 times. When you don't know the grades and costs of these maple syrups, but only compare the prices of the products, it doesn't make much sense.

In order to manufacture higher quality candies, Pollipop always requires higher quality raw materials. Eat less but eat better!